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While there is no substitution for high resolution photography, and you will always need images of your listings, HD Video is the way of the future for showcasing property. Potential buyers emotionally connect with video and this may result in more showings and faster sales for you and your client. Property owners want a realtor that will make their home look great and sell quickly for a great price. Impress your clients, and increase the number of listings you carry, by using images and HD Video in your marketing campaigns.

Don't settle for less than HD Video: Some real estate photographers apply a pan and zoom effect to a slide show of still images, upload it to YouTube and call it HD Video. Animated slide shows are not HD Video, and actually perform a disservice as the viewer only sees part of the image during the animation instead of the whole, original image. A straight forward slideshow of images is far more effective than one animated with a scrolling pan and zoom effect. Note that Video is defined by Wikipedia as, "an electronic medium for the recording, copying and broadcasting of moving visual images". Wikipedia.

HD Video is a far more effective way to showcase your listing, than flash driven virtual tours, and your clients are savy enough to know the difference. Most people today view property listings on their mobile devices including iPads, iPhones, Android phones and other devices and tablets. However, none of these support flash out of factory and they cannot play flash driven virtual tours. Why spend your advertising budget on something most people can't watch? Get HD Video instead.

Check out my HD Video examples and live listings below. HD Video visually engages potential buyers, and may result in more showings and faster sales for you and your client.
For best playback: Start the video, then click the cog icon in the lower right corner of the YouTube player. Select 720p HD for the best quality HD Video. It will take about 15 seconds to reload in HD.